Products don’t fit, custom too expensive - try the assembly route

The application you need is not fulfilled by any product, and custom development is too long, risky and expensive. With you have an exciting third alternative. You can assemble already existing sample applications or even model fresh ones to what you need.

With you can start from many of the sample or production ready products that are already available. Stragiliti allows you to significantly adapt the model and create variants relavent to your business. Here you are not modifying code, but changing the process model in which the availablle product was assembled.

With you get the best of both worlds - the already built in functionality, power and ruggedness of products and the precise relevance of custom applications to your business. A number of sample applications are available to start from and then rapidly assemble your application. is a low code application development platform that accelerates the development and integration process by 3x to 10x times conventional approaches.

Do visit the rest of the this website to know more about the platform and services that enable you to leverage sample or production ready products and extend them easily to what you need for your business.